Maybe We’re Doing Business All Wrong

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Maybe we’re doing business all wrong.

Maybe that next product isn’t needed.

Maybe we don’t have to reach our Q4 goal.

And maybe those late nights, those missed dinners, that vacation tied to the phone, aren’t necessary.

I’d like to consider why we’re still building our businesses.

We might say it’s for our security. Or as an asset we can sell. Or because we want a bigger house.

Or maybe it’s because we want to be happy.

The trouble is (and we know this already deep down), as we build and build, we never reach happiness because there’s always something else. Another ridge.

So I wonder what would happen if we decided to be happy now.

Yes, we can build our business because we like building our business or because we’re making an impact.

But if we think we’re going to find happiness with next year’s results, we’re fooling ourselves.

And we’re wasting another year.