We’re Eagles Who Peck Like Chickens. Let’s Soar.

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It’s easy to get educated enough to run a business.

You can complete courses at Udemy and you can do an MBA.

All of these teach us the financial, marketing, sales and leadership skills we need. Work hard – and work smart – and there’s a good chance you’ll succeed.

But what many of us find is that, after a few years, we become highly skilled drones. We’re excellent at sales and the marketing and we know our cash-flow inside out. But we’re workers, not true entrepreneurs.

We’re eagles who can soar – but we act like chickens tethered to the dusty ground.

That makes us stressed and unhappy because at some point we realize we’ve switched a job for another job.

The thing is, all this terrific business education leaves out one critical thing: training for our minds.

So we keep our hands on our mice and our eyes on our spreadsheets, like the good girls and boys we’re trained to be, not knowing that we can succeed at business and get freedom of mind.

We don’t realize that we can look up from the keyboard and the books, spread our wings and let the air support us as we soar.

Discovering this requires training. It requires dedication.

But for those of us who know there’s more – who know deep down we are eagles who haven’t spread our wings – the journey is worth making.

For those who want to go higher, who want to live the life they deserve as fulfilled and flourishing entrepreneurs, this is the place to start.