Zoomed In When We Could Be Zoomed Out

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Below is the nuclear power plant at Santa Maria de Garoña, Spain.

It’s ugly. Maybe it could melt down at any minute. It makes waste that is dangerous for thousands of years.

Below is also the nuclear power plant at Santa Maria de Garoña, Spain.

There are fields, mountains, a river.

Same thing – the nuclear power plant is right there, at the very center of the picture – but it looks a little different.

For most of my business life, I felt like I was Homer Simpson, in Mr Burns’ Springfield control room.

All I could see were buttons and lights and gauges.

It was my job to make sure I watched the gauges, noticed the lights and pressed the right buttons…. because if I didn’t the whole thing might go into meltdown.

It consumed me!

My business filled my life. When things were running smoothly, it was great. I was happy. But when things went wrong (and don’t things go wrong in business from time to time?!), I was a mess.

Fixing it was all I could think of.

There was nothing outside that nuclear control room.

This – I decided – wasn’t the kind of freedom I was looking for when I started on that entrepreneurial dream.

And it was then that I learned to gain perspective; to see that – yes, there was the nuclear power plant – but there were also fields and rivers and mountains.

I learned to zoom out – and in doing so I changed my life.