You Probably Think This Call Is About You (Don’t You?)

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We’re in the business of self-protection.

So when I customer calls and is angry, our go-to is fight or flight. This adrenaline surge worked well on the savanna when there’s a tiger heading for you. But it doesn’t work so well in 21st century business.

We feel like the angry customer is a threat to our very selves. We’re so vain, we think this call is about us.

The reality is, this call could be about a lot of things. Yes, maybe you or someone in your company made a mistake. Or maybe the product is hard to use. Or maybe – just maybe – the person on the other end of the line is having a bad day because their cat just died.

But none of these things is about you.

If we’re able to stop the automatic click-whirr – the instant move from trigger to fight or flight – then we give ourselves the chance to listen.

When we listen, we realize that the call isn’t about us at all. That’s when we can start to hear the customer – and help them.

It’s not about us at all. And that’s a huge relief.