Business Education Is Broken

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If it hadn’t been for the training I received in Google Adwords, I wouldn’t have built a business.

With Google Adwords, you can bid on keywords. When people search for your keyword, your ad is displayed. When someone clicks, Google charges you money.

The game then is to get enough customers to pay for the clicks, with some left over for profit.

It’s not easy. There are lots of ways to waste money. You have to watch what’s happening. You have to experiment.

But if you get the right education, you can learn to do it. That’s when you succeed.

Until… something goes wrong.

In 2010, my website was hacked. Google doesn’t like hacked websites so they shut off my advertising. That clogged the flow of new customers.

So the question is, what happens then?

Our Adwords training doesn’t tell you how to stem the rising sense of panic; the feeling that in a month, you won’t be able to stay in business; the sense that all your work is for nothing.

The training doesn’t tell you how to stop your mind from inventing catastrophe after catastrophe, sending you plummeting into despair.

That’s why business education is broken. It teaches you how, but it doesn’t teach you how to deal with success – and setbacks. (And, as we know, business has plenty of both – it can feel like an emotional roller-coaster we can’t get off.)

If we want to complete education, if we want to maximize what we learn without it driving us crazy, we need to discover how to work with our minds.

We need a little bit of adult supervision that stops our thoughts going on a bender.

Mindfulness work is the yogurt added to the spicy curry or the earplugs at the rock concert. It tempers. It comforts. It makes everything easier.

It’s only when your business education includes the mind that you can call yourself educated.