Concentrated Bad Stuff

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Our brains give “bad” stuff 10x more power than “good” stuff.

It takes 10 good things to happen to outweigh one bad thing that happened. We obsess over the bad stuff and let the good stuff fly away.

Bad stuff is like vanilla essence – just a drop will do. Good stuff is like a vanilla pod – keep on scraping until you get enough.

If we don’t see that out-of-whack ratio, we spend our time thinking about the bad thing: how bad it was, how bad it made us feel, how bad it make us look, how bad we are as people.

However, when we learn to watch our minds, we start to notice what’s going on.

We realize how we’re giving superpowers to the concentrated bad stuff. We start to put the bad in perspective.

Then, eventually – often, but not always – we learn to put the bad stuff in its place. Yes, maybe it’s bad stuff. But is it really concentrated bad stuff?

We dilute it and life tastes better.