Master Of The Sky… or Stew?

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The world is going faster.

Business is getting harder.

Computers are coming after us. Robots too.

Then there’s politics and climate change and recessions and poisons.

All of this makes life as an entrepreneur stressful. We don’t know what’s going to happen next month, let alone next year or next decade. And worse, can’t prepare for what we don’t know.

So we have to make a choice: are we a chicken or are we an eagle?

Are we going to peck and flap, cooped up in a dusty pen of reaction? Do we think we have to struggle and effort and fight?

Or are we the masters of the sky who soar above the sound and fury, calm thanks to the non-attachment of perspective.

Do we choose when to dine, or are we dinner?

I believe that all of us are eagles. We just don’t realize we can spread our wings and the air will support us.

And that’s a damn shame.

Because as business – and life – gets harder, it’s the eagles who will survive and thrive.

The chickens will end up in a stew.