The Rogue Manager Upstairs

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As business owners, we need to keep an eye on everything.

That’s why we request weekly sales reports and monthly financials.

We schedule meetings with our directors and managers.

We police product quality.

So it’s odd that the one thing we don’t monitor is what’s going on in our heads.

Now, I understand why we neglect this: we think what’s going in our heads is “us”, and that it’s all under control. Our thoughts are our thoughts and that’s all there is to it.

But that’s not quite true.

When we start to notice our minds, we realize how so often our thoughts go rogue.

They’re like the manager who’s doing his own thing, ignoring strategy and costing the company thousands.

Or perhaps the financial controller who’s pocketing a percentage of revenues.

The un-watched mind undermines our mission. It jams the gears of our success. It puts sugar in our tanks.

Start paying attention and business gets easier.