Brain Crud

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If you go hiking through the woods in spring, your boots are likely to get caked in mud. The tread gets filled with muck, making your boots heavy, destroying their grip.

That’s crud.

It’s not just boots that get affected though. Our brains get it too.

Brain crud is the build-up of bullshit: the annoyances, stresses, half-cooked ideas, to-dos. All these fragments of crud fill the crevices in our brains until they stop working properly.

With our hiking boots, we can let the mud dry then bang them together. The mud drops out.

So why not do that with our brains too?

Each time we have a five-minute breathing break or sit for a 40-minute daily meditation, we’re clearing the crud. We’re letting it drop to the floor so our brains are clean.

When we clear the crud, we can think more calmly and clearly.

It’s part of the daily mind maintenance that we Eagles perform.