Get Real, Roller-Coaster

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Roller-coasters can be fun, but not if you have to ride them 24 hours a day.

And certainly not if you fail to realize how safe they are – safer than driving to the mall.

Running my business felt like a roller-coaster. One day there would be good news – sales were up, income was up, customers were happy. The next day would be bad news – sales were down, income were down, customers were complaining.

The trouble was, because I was a responsible good boy, I worried. The good days were great, but the bad days were terrible and needed to be fixed. Worse, the bad days were likely to lead to more bad days, then a bad month and a bad year.

All the way to a failed business and me living by the side of the road.

The secret of the roller-coaster, of course, is knowing that it’s just a ride. It can be terrifying, but you get back on because you realize it’s just there to amuse you, not hurt you.

It wasn’t until I was able to see my business the same way that I could get off the daily roller-coaster and start feeling safe, secure and positive.

Mindfulness work helps you notice when your mind thinks the roller-coaster is real. You notice when you start obsessing about the dips, telling yourself stories about a crashing car. When you start noticing, you begin living with clarity.