White Knuckle Up

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I was with my personal trainer the other day and I noticed something: It wasn’t that the weights were too heavy, it was that I was gripping them too hard.

My wrists were aching, and my knuckles were white.

So I loosened my grip and lifting became easier: I used less energy and there were fewer stresses and strains.

Same thing in business.

Many of us grip on tightly to our business. We clasp on to every up and every down, we sweat the small stuff.

…Which is exhausting!

After I went through my mindfulness training, I was able to give myself permission to let go. I developed the “knowing” that things would be OK if I looked away for a while.

Sometimes, when we’re facing a problem or a question without an easy answer, we furrow our brows and try to fix it.

Instead, it’s often better to let go, to say “screw it” and go for a walk in the park.